Bei Maejor – The La La Song Mp3 Download

March 1, 2011

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Bei Maejor – The La La Song Mp3

Bei Maejor – The La La Song Download

la la la la la la la la,
eh shawty kush it put in the mall, should i heard it before,
but not the abs girl from your video
i said jeez, looks like just what you need
take these here keys, meet me in the double …
she said, i ain’t lie, see i know just what they like
to you she is all that but to me she’s is alright
but i’m still gonna hit all night, so the mama hit them lights
and i’ma knock it down like i had a laser sight
she said you should leave i don’t but tonight i think i might
… on me, sitting on it like a motor bike
so … her just my type, but we gotta this right, we gotta hurry up girl
i cannot miss my flight
pull over the light, everybody say …
thumbs up, round of applause, u la la la
that money maker hater disappeared like tada
and my music make your woman blow me kisses like muah, i love you too
i’m back stage after shows doing interviews
or in l.a. with an actress by the swimming pool
it’s real life music, everything i spit is true
if they could do it how we did it, they would have did it too, ah
best new artist … i used to just produce but found that this was more fun
still grammy nominated, i tell my moma i made it
cause she tell me every time my first song is still her favorite

This is only part of lyrics but you can get the complete one at: Bei Maejor – The La La Song Lyrics

The La La Song Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Bei Maejor
Bei Maejor - The La La Song Mp3

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