Code Red – Over Mp3 Ringtone Download

December 23, 2010

in Code Red

Code Red – Over Mp3, Ringtone, Download

Over was performed by British group, Code Red out on the web recently. The official music video for “Over” was released and you can enjoy it here!!

Code Red – Over Mp3, Ringtone, Download

I am not that chick that I was before
You will never let me guess my bags are by the door
I’ve really had enough
This shit will gotta end
Here we go again (here we go again)
Now I can see why my friends keep telling me I’m better of on my own
So what you saying its over!
over! over! over! over!

Baby you hurt me,
Am I under attack
And baby when I leave,
I won’t be turning back,
Boy I’m sick and tired of hearing your lies
You ain’t gotta ask how!
And you ain’t gotta ask why!
Baby there’s no more one last try
I think it’s bout time you realise


tell me why you always be stressing me
Cooking up a storm
Dangerous recipe
Finally I see we ain’t truly ment to be
Because all you wanna do is fight
I ain’t got the energy

[ Code Red – Over Mp3 on ]

Come on, quit the stressing investigation questions
Take a second, baby just breath
But if your bad,
Go ahead pack your bags
But you gonna be running back because that’s the usual rutine

I’ve gotta let you know (know know know)
that I ain’t afraid to let you go (go go)
So you can be that number one chick that I run with
Or you can be that number one chick that I’m done with


Y’all time and time again you
SSay you want to leave me
Cook the drama stop the night
Ooo onaa onaa 3D
Oh we love the talk, the talk
Never see the walk to walk
Cuz when you try, you end up running back discretely
spin on our own three sixty gyal

Make up your mind all our history
Ay, cuz I’m tired of all the nonsence
You kept looking at me,
I will never find you dirty

[Chorus 2x]

Code Red – Over Mp3, Ringtone, Download

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