Hardcore Superstar – Moonshine Mp3, Ringtone, Download

October 10, 2010

in Hardcore Superstar

Moonshine by Hardcore Superstar, Mp3 and Ringtone Download

Moonshine was performed by Swedish glam metal band, Hardcore Superstar will be serves as the lead single off the band’s upcoming sixth studio album entitled “Split Your Lip” expected to hit stores in January 2011. The single was confirmed according to Hardcore Superstar’s website to be released on November 26, 2010. More info about the album, they debuted a few songs when performed a free show in their hometown Gothenburg 11/8-2010 and played the songs “Here Comes That Sick Bitch Again”, “Last Call” and “Sadistic Girls”. It was the first time they played any material from the album.

Hardcore Superstar – Moonshine Mp3 and Music Video

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Hardcore Superstar – Moonshine Lyrics

You can read the updated lyrics and music video by clicking the below link and sing along with it:-
Hardcore Superstar – Moonshine Lyrics

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