Jim Jones – The Crash Mp3, Ringtone, Download

January 31, 2011

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The Crash Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Jim Jones

Jim Jones – The Crash Mp3

Jim Jones – The Crash Lyrics

After they finished searching the van for drugs…the officer told me ‘If I don’t believe in God — now is the time to start.

I was halfway to sleep, faded off the sour
Not knowing that coulda been my last hour
I see it clear, we was on 85
Road looking clear doing ’bout 85
A smooth sail turned to a crazy ride
I wish I could say n-gga watch the way you drive
Well, he was just tryna swerve a deer
I didn’t get to say it but the lord heard my prayers
Head on collision with the guard rail

And I’m a firm believer that God’s real
I felt my van crash against the hard steel
At that point I couldn’t tell you how my heart feel
I seen it happen, we was spinning like a bottle top
And I was praying Lord make the bottle stop
I swear to God I seen the sillouette
And when we crashed, Nini still woke up a little wet
The tyres broke off, ripping up the concrete
Hit the wall, kept us outta harms reach
And not an airbag popped out
And without near stressed I hopped out
I got a couple bangs and a couple bruises
jet lag, a broken rib and two contusions
All that, we tryna make our destination
But it oculda been our final destination

I used to speed when I whipped the V’s
Until a n-gga sin almost crippled me
Damn it made a n-gga see his life flash
I see my son, I see my mum, I see Christ flash
I almost died on Martin Luther Day
And for the cause he was a martyr just a few would say
Now I’m thinking hard what my crew would say
Maybe wonder what my boo would say
I wonder what she would say

They say what dont kill you, makes you stronger
And my momma always told me the angels was with me
I guess thats all them prayers through all those years
Well since I’m still here n-gga, guess what?

Jim Jones – The Crash Mp3, Ringtone, Download

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