Karl Wolf – Ghetto Mp3 Ringtone Download

March 10, 2011

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New 2011 track called Ghetto Mp3 by Karl Wolf, brought to you exclusively from ( http://top10mp3download.net )

Karl Wolf – Ghetto Download

she’s so ghetto
that’s why i am into her
she will fight for me
give her love for me
she will bring me back into her world
she is ghetto
i think i feel her swag so bad
what we got is a ghetto ghetto love

i am looking at the sexy girl from a distance
she is so .. let me tell you
that thing let me tell you
then i take her to the parking lot
jumping into my car and straight to my spot
but she started to fight as we step out to the club
only cause the .. tried to give me a little hug


(repeats all)

for the ghetto
for the ghetto love
for the ghetto
this ghetto love

Ghetto Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Karl Wolf

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