Kelly Clarkson – Boy Next Door Mp3 Download

February 27, 2011

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Kelly Clarkson – Boy Next Door Mp3

Kelly Clarkson – Boy Next Door Download

hello mister, how you’re doing?
i didn’t catch your name!
no i’m not from here,
i’ve just moved in, it’s only been a few days.
no, i don’t mind, that could be fine,
we could hang out some time, oh!
but i gotta run now, hope to see you soon!
oh, oh!

wake up in the morning, get that paper
walking on the hallway heading forward,
and we pass by, and this is how
he doesn’t know what he does to my heart!
gotta catch him by the afternoon,
if i miss him i don’t know what i do,
yeah it might sound crazy, but it could be my baby!

i think i’m in love with the boy next door,
don’t ask if he feels that same way sure
i can tell by the way he turns to look at me,
i believe i fall in for the boy next door!
the boy next door, oh yeah!

i check the man everyday
but about the same time i know he’s there!
so i can catch a quick glimpse of his smile!
make it seem as a coincidence,
i know i can see right through my eyes that i’m falling for him
and that’s no lie, no, no!

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Boy Next Door Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson - Boy Next Door Mp3

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