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July 11, 2010

in Lindsay Lohan

Too Young To Die mp3, ringtone, download performed by Lindsay Lohan leaked recently reported produced by J.R. Rotem but still no confirmation it was really Lindsay singing on the track.

Lindsay Lohan – Too Young To Die Mp3 and Music Video

Lindsay Lohan – Too Young To Die Lyrics
I knew I was in trouble for the moment I laid eyes on you (yeah)
Dangerously, i can feel the chemistry around the room (ohh)
Something deep inside told me to think twice i knew (yeah)
But i went ahead what a stupid thing to do
Now i’m in trouble

Hit by a train, falling from a building, heartbreak from you would be like drinking deadly poison
I’m, Oh, I’m too young to die ( I don’t want to die)
Crashing my car, coming flying through the windshield
Falling in love wit ya, i’m heading to get me kill
I’m, oh, I’m too young to die

I could see ya coming like a weather warning on the news (like a twista)
Like a venus flytrap, I’m drawn so please be careful, I bruise.
If you were in my place, would you turn and walk away, be through
I’m must be outta my mind and you could do some time, it’s true


I don’t wanna die this way
Get caught in the middle and for just a little, my heart would break
I’m just another victim of love (everytime I love)


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