Luigi Masi – Strobelight Mp3 Ringtone Download

September 19, 2008

in English Song, Luigi Masi

Luigi Masi – Strobelight Lyrics :-
Verse 1
Everything about ya makes me wanna
Wanna try and get to know ya
Hopefully before the night is over
Come with me let me show ya

Verse 2
I can tell that ya looking at me
But it is kind hard to see
The way the lights keep going off and on
Looks like you’re moving slower than you really are

You got me
Your body’s
Moving, moving
Left to right
Can I be
The one
That you keep around for life
keep on dancing
lights keeping flashing
I swear I could watch you all night

[Strobelight lyrics on ]
It is something bout that strobelight
Makes her wanna dance all night
She keeps on going
She keeps on going
She keeps on going long as the strobelight on, on

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