Maino – Valentines Day Mp3 Download

February 16, 2011

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Valentines Day Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Maino

Maino – Valentines Day Mp3

Maino – Valentines Day Lyrics

yeah, you niggers know exactly what it is
get it high really live, i’m the only rapper, these other rappers don’t want it win
whipping like they’re fearing god, homie it’s the hand of god
smack niggers up, their head rolls from here to mars
one for my comrades, 2 for the lobby boys, sinner dawgs
since the crack was in my tommy boys, i ain’t with the …
i be on that …shit, shiny shoes bottoms is red, that louis vuitton s-it
still i’m so militant, 5 star veteran, only scrappers cake
i eat niggers like …, put them on punishment, body blow, punish them
they don’t got courage in heart of like 100 men
catch them when he sleeps his drawers down, pick his door down
getting money so i bow now, even more now
best out of texas, shout out to my ex bitch, quit my last bitch
cause she wouldn’t eat the next bitch
general, little white bitches know my name now
white whose calling my phone i let it ring out loud
the king of kings county do or die, let’s get it like never before, just you and i
i got diamonds out of africa, guns that’s from israel
bad fish from cally, my homies they’re still in fish kill
yeah, just give me the word and i’ma twist’em up
bet i do it big like any christopher
while … trios, star face maino, the gun in my tuxedo
niggers said they’re ready for war so i brought 3 though
i’m … up, ready to fire the torpedo
whow, tell me why these pussy nigger’s testing me?
dear god, give me the strength so i can bury thee
cock sucking line ass hating ass niggers
it’s me against the world come bring it on niggers
the leader of the movement, i packed up and moved in
and i don’t give a fuck what happens as long as the ghouls win
niggers don’t want no problems i got the answers
dog i got a watch so bright they call …
guess i gotta take it by force so get your hands up
duct tape mask and gloves i want the ransom
they say gangster rap’s dead what you got mind
machine gun at your head, happy valentines.

Maino – Valentines Day Mp3, Ringtone, Download

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