Maribelle Anes – Letting Go Mp3, Ringtone, Download

October 20, 2010

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Letting Go by Maribelle Anes, Mp3 and Ringtone Download

Letting Go was performed by R&B singer, Maribelle Anes and the video was uploaded on Youtube by herself recently and the view keep increasing. Has someone discovered her talent yet?

Maribelle Anes – Letting Go Mp3 and Music Video

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Maribelle Anes – Letting Go Lyrics
Verse 1:
I began with a brand new start to the feel of my broken heart
I lost so many different people
i point my finger at the space and time ’cause you was always on my mind
you were the only that made me fall
I hate,
the way you look right back at me and flash back the memories
how does this make us equal?
i’m ashamed,
i bow my head down when our eyes meet
cause baby you destroyed my sanity
i can not believe
just what you did to me

I can’t let it take over my mind
i gotta let you go
cause you ain’t worth the fight

i’m letting it go
no looking back
coz baby you’re the past
i’ll find somebody that lasts longer
theres no more pictures on my wall
don’t want them anymore
replace them with a love that’s stronger

Verse 2:
i’m all about finding the cure, right about now i’m not sure
where i should keep on searching
how you forget me just like that, all we’ve been through, it don’t mean jack
i’m young so i’ll keep on learning
my brain,
hurts and is feeling way to small, I can not keep on holding on
i feel like it is burning
i wanna try and remove it all
my mistakes deserve some hope
i still can not believe
just what you did to me (oh)

(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

Bridge: (Rap)
raise your hand if you miss somebody
but you know that you can not trust nobody
they say they are sorry
but that ain’t the truth
baby you know the deal
you can only trust you
but at the same time
you be crying
wishing that they’d come around
but then again sometime
a better person will be found
the past is the past
let the world take it’s course
friends can change
but you will find even more

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