Mystikal Ft Lil Wayne – Papercuts Mp3, Ringtone, Download

October 14, 2010

in Mystikal

Papercuts by Mystikal, Mp3 and Ringtone Download

Papercuts was performed by American rapper, Mystikal joint forces with Lil Wayne and Fiend said to be included on Mystikal’s upcoming album. Unfortunately there is no confirmation about it and this track was recorded before Weezy serves his sentence in jail.

Mystikal Ft Lil Wayne – Papercuts Mp3 and Music Video

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Mystikal Ft Lil Wayne – Papercuts Lyrics

[Chorus – Fiend]
I got papercuts
papercuts, papercuts, papercuts
gettin this (money)
spending this (money)
counting this (money)
gettin this

[Lil Wayne]
Young Money Weezy, B-gang bi-otch
Abstract artist, call me Basquiat
Bad Ass Carter, f-ck ya bitch harder
Wild n-gga, make her give me brains like Harvard
I don’t play at all, ball like a small foward
Keep a buncha bitches like Ray J Norwood
Flow so sick, I hear the beat and get nauseous
Then I just kill it, turn this bitch into a carcass
Live in Miami, I aint never see a dolphin
You come to New Orleans, fuck around and see a coffin
N-gga got power like a f-ckin’ Mighty Morphin
Get money more than often, my loft in-
Atlanta, and I got a cabana
And I got a banana-clip up in the cannon
Big dog shittin’ on all you cocker-spaniels
I just keep shootin’ like I’m flippin’ thru the channels
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I’m a residue rapper, potato chip crack daddy
you cockroach rhyming
I spit that (?)
and while I’m after more like give me
fitted all red like I came down a chimney
and how I murder rappers I know God won’t forgive me (forgive me)
flow automatic not semi
and you getting by with yours like 1 kidney
I gets busy, voice like (?)
counting money in the tele like (?)
I’ma need a meaner and I do it double
send it up to Lucas, start it on the hustle
yeah I hustle (?)
I got a few dollars even bailed out the ride



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