N-Dubz – Best Behaviour Mp3, Ringtone, Download

September 16, 2010

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Best Behaviour by N-Dubz, Mp3 and Ringtone Download

Best Behaviour was performed by R&B singer, N-Dubz will be released from Summer to Christmas 2010 together with their hits track We Dance On. It will be featured in a compilation album along with songs from their first two albums and will be released under Def Jam. The music video was premiered via Channel AKA and Clubland TV on September 8 and was uploaded on YouTube by All Around the World later that day. The official music video will be available for download starting October 17,2010.
Don’t miss N-Dubz – Best Behaviour ringtone below:-

N-Dubz – Best Behaviour Mp3 and Music Video

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N-Dubz – Best Behaviour Lyrics
You can read the lyrics by clicking the below link and sing along with the video:-
N-Dubz – Best Behaviour Lyrics

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