Nina B – Poppin’ Mp3 Ringtone Download

March 19, 2011

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Enjoy this Poppin’ Mp3 by Nina B, brought to you exclusively from ( )

Nina B – Poppin’ Download


i am trying to get it popping
pop what’s good for tonight
i am trying to get it popping
tell me what’s looking alike
you know we are getting poppin over here
what’s up
i heard you’re getting popping over there
so what

we are getting popping like freeshly
.. since she had to ask she’s getting no dish in
i get it popping .. gold chains
i get it popping like the ladies .. track
i am getting popping cause i am rapping for the whole game
nina b you probably recognize my code name
the .. remember me
mention the best you are mentioning me
shorty …she’d be checking for him
he’d be checking for me
you know me
don’t ask why
i already told you

[ ]


i get it popping like a shutter
step outside the club..
women get naked i don’t even .. out
niggers me niggers say something like …
bootless at home i had to bring a coup out
money at the rough ain’t no .. what i do out
.. smoking on that bomb shit
higher than the himalayas
.. addicted to money p-ssy and weed
.. if you want me on top is where i’ll be


Poppin’ Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Nina B

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