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November 15, 2014

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R.F.C. – The Outsiders Download
Every since I can remember I’ve been an outsider
I can remember the first time I met dog
It was around 25-26
At that time I saw a lot of me in Hell
Do what need for a hundred dollars to keep the cops clean?
You go on bottle, take a shot and pass the rest of bottle around the room
But yet they overlook the cool
Hey man!
I’m just a young nigga living with a plan
I use to backed up, charge forty before instead I do it for the gran
Cut it with the work play reserve rack on the third play
Ready make forty this week, it’s not even Thursday
We just turning nice bitches in hoers, no cap feel
I just be walking to the door
Hit the fees with the sables
Mother cope like they can do
Sweets up the Venetian, so God burn it, let’s gamble

See I like 10, he knew everybody and everybody know him
Shit, he was like the most known unknown nigga
Nigga outsiders
Wild nigga for real
Type of nigga how’s always ready for the bad guys and the movement
But hey what do I know, I don’t know shit that’s why I do porn
Live for this cool, drill fucking cool, fans already smooth
Bottom soft, rover shit roll, slack rack-rolls
Fuck hoer, feel her confuse bout a better come
My dudes never was you
That’s instericle
All this time outside time veiling be
Fuck that, fuck y’all
Fuck all that in the hoer in the street
I won’t suck dick or kiss ass ability
Saw you, saw lose, suck up niggas energy

See I like love, every place we go, every party
People will stop and stare at me walk in
Probably cuz we’re the fresher from the hole room
Got the wired those look at us like we win
Shit, that’s something I could never understand

Every night I pray to God, He don’t hear me
Cuz I’m praying for bitches cause and jewelry
Hold right nigga so God in the hoody getting nap for my blood
And some (?) call me here on the hills
Got beef nigga had from the hills, got me hanging off the cop
Busting at you, knocking stuff and the mills
Smooth gangsters, half of the bank like for your take up
Pound sign everything low I gotta go
Shit, most nigga will tapped their tale a long time ago
But my nigga say: you wanna get this money or you wanna go home?

Take the hundreds from the spooks, state house
Got drunk at the table
Turn won’t take hours
Rap shit, actresses all wander, pearl hunger, put the girl fucker
End up with the real, whenever suckers
These niggas, they never love us
Believe in the science, fucking LI hubber shit, your leader is a lion
Inside and ride it, my nigga time, is fuck opinion on buy us
I’m like limb buyers with drugs and buyer and rymer (?)
A feature is like buying the pear, stay win and beat it
But they ain’t got the potential of they feed us, the priers
Niggas ball on the throne
We the Outsiders, nigga

The Outsiders Mp3, Ringtone, Download by R.F.C.

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