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January 13, 2008

in English Song, Silent Scream

Revolution Lyrics :-
Can you hear the sound of change
(A rumble in the ground we stand on)
Have we been fighting all in vain?
(Revival knocking on the door for too long)

The voice of one calling out
This is the time to break out
Break out of the cycle, the downward spiral
A resolution for revolution

All my people waiting for a sign
A generation screams we will not be confined
The fire burning in our eyes is never burning out
Raise your fists up high
And with one voice we shout revolution!

So will you step out to the fore
To fight the battle, wage the war
A thousand may fall at your side
It will not break your stride

Stand up as one alliance
Raise up fists in defiance
This is the call to arms
This is the battle cry
The ammunition is revolution


Will you take this life
The dreams that died, the apathy inside
Leave it all behind
Come breakaway
And fight until the end


Credit to revolutionary78 for this lyrics

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