Snoop Dogg – Cold Game Mp3 Download

February 27, 2011

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Snoop Dogg – Cold Game Mp3

Snoop Dogg – Cold Game Download

It’s the cold game
I ain’t been one
Jumping in and out of the range
Maybe an old school ..
Spinning the vision from each I paint
You got to do it you can
Gotta keep rhyming
East Side high you are doing life/right
.. blowing in the wind
You are thinking of me
It’s gangster Bliss
This is what you’re calling a sis
Pass the morphine quick
Memories is miss
I made a lot of friends
A whole lot of money
Been down a couple times
But it never stopped my rhyming
In fact I got better
..turn it to rapper
A world shows in Dumfries …
This is how a player roll
And I will never be questioned
By some new young ..
Snoopy D made the way for you to walk
O in to the Almighty
Without you it couldn’t be doing ..
And I will never be crucified
Within my own zone
Here is a very good reason to show love
But you gotta separate … from …
Going down for murder in 93
The .. all over the city bowling a …
I changed I got smarter
I got a daughter

This is only part of lyrics but you can get the complete one at: Snoop Dogg – Cold Game Lyrics

Cold Game Mp3, Ringtone, Download by Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg - Cold Game Mp3

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