T-Pain – We The Mob Mp3 N Ringtone Download

April 26, 2010

in T-Pain, Young Cash

We The Mob mp3 download recorded by T-Pain and Young Cash for the Freaknik: The Musical soundtrack will be available on stores on April 20th, 2010.

T-Pain – We The Mob Mp3 and Music Video

T-Pain – We The Mob Lyrics and Mp3
[Verse 1 – Young Cash]
See, me dawg?
I’m trying to be on MTV, dawg.
But I ain’t paid rent and haven’t ate in weeks, dawg!
Sweet Tea Mob, we the hardest down south,
But it’s hard to write lyrics when a nigga’s lights out.
I’m Big Virgil, that’s Light Skin, that’s Big Uzi.
We become rap stars, and star in all the movies.
I’ll have a mansion in the Hamptons by P-Diddy,
Got 500 million copies laughing at that nigga Fifty. (Ha ha!)
I’ll be so rich, all my cars will be new ones, (will be new ones)
If I feel like it, might buy a couple humans. (couple humans)
Call Doela Man, tell him bring some weed around, (weed)
no more 5 dollar sacks, I buy ‘em by the pound.
Graduate from Dickies and Chuck Taylor’s, dawg, (Taylor’s, dawg)
Now I wear Gucci suits and Alligators, dawg. (gators, dawg)
I might buy a house on Mars, top10mp3download.net now I know y’all jealous,
cause my homeboys like “How’s Earth, fellas?”

[Chorus – T-Pain]
(We the mob)
We the thrillies, the truest and the realist
I’m the (?) got the (?) make this (?) motherf-cker (We the mob)
We hustle, we grind and we solemnly swear
That never give a hoe a dime dime (We the mob)
Understand I’m the man where I’m from
I’mma rep my city ’til I’m done motherf-cker (We the mob)

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