Travis Garland – Second Try Mp3 Download

March 7, 2011

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Enjoy this Second Try Mp3 by American singer Travis Garland, brought to you exclusively from ( )

Travis Garland – Second Try Download

Baby only God knows what I was thinking
when I did those things to you
Guilty is all that I can feel, low motion
Can feel this way as I used to keep for you.

And I just wanna go back, take it up back
You know, I didn’t mean it baby
please hold you against me yeah
Don’t you .. gets me baby yeah, ohh
And told you …like that, …but I lost my way,
I swear I’ll find a road that leads back to your heart.

If I could just be one, I call …..of tears I put that
I stay that time I left you hangin’
If I could turn back time to the day that I met you
I’ll never let it you get away on my second try.
Let me try again, try again, try again, try again
Let me try
Give me one more chance, one more chance,
Give me a second try.

Sorry doesn’t even come close to sayin’
How stupid I feel of what I’ve done,
And it’s crazy I can even ask your forgiveness

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